Who We Are

Alliance Performance Systems is a partner to and a resource for firms operating in the healthcare industry.

4. Our method of building skills

We don’t deliver mind-numbing seminars. We build systems that create continuous value, and we deliver high-energy experiences that engage even the most seasoned and comfortable sales representatives.

Post Training Learning Retention
Our systems are application-based, weighted heavily towards reinforcement and coaching, and designed for cross-departmental use. Why? Because we take to heart the insights shown in the learning retention curve at right.

Alliance Performance Systems understands the impact of initial training is magnified by account-focused application that allows participants to use the skills they are learning in real-world situations. We understand that 87% of those new skills can be lost within 30 days without robust and relevant reinforcement. And, we understand reinforcement must come from more than just coaches and trainers. If interdependent departments like sales, marketing, and training are all versed in using the new skills, those skills will also be reinforced organically throughout the organization.

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