The APS Value Proposition

Clients say these six factors set APS apart from other consulting and training firms.

2. The depth and breadth of our knowledge

Alliance Understands and Works With Companies Across the Health Care ContinuumThe Alliance Performance Systems team has a combined 200+ years of experience in the healthcare industry. We understand the healthcare continuum, depicted at right.

The breadth of our knowledge encompasses the entire continuum from producers through providers. Our experts have partnered with firms in each of the four main channels. This hands-on experience, combined with our extensive market research, allows us to recognize how changing variables in one channel can impact players in another channel. We can connect the dots in a way that helps clients develop relevant and robust strategies and solutions.

Our knowledge of the healthcare continuum also runs deep. Alliance Performance Systems experts know therapeutic areas, products, and audiences. For example, we have developed programs for more than just a singular audience of sales representatives. We can tailor our solutions to the novice primary care rep, the experienced primary care rep, the mid-career specialty rep, and even the seasoned specialty rep. One size does not fit all when it comes to sales training.

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