APS customizes Huthwaite’s sales methodology for healthcare companies.



Huthwaite, the creators of SPIN® selling, has been Alliance Performance Systems’ strategic partner for nearly a decade. The company, now part of MHI Global, is dedicated to developing sales performance improvement programs that drive business results. Alliance is dedicated to helping pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare companies develop and implement strategies and programs that drive sales and marketing results. There is a synergy in what Huthwaite and Alliance do—a synergy that both companies exploit to the client’s advantage.

Alliance co-founder and CEO Dave Myers began helping clients implement Huthwaite’s internationally-renowned SPIN® Selling methodology and its Achieving Sales Excellence™ (ASE™) platform in the 1990s. He, like countless other business leaders, became a fan of the programs because creator Neil Rackham based them on scientifically validated behavioral research. “In other words,” Myers explains, “this isn’t a selling platform based on one guy’s idea of what it takes to make a sale. ASE™ is built on strategies utilized by top sellers across a myriad of industries.” Myers, of course, also appreciated how Huthwaite’s programs helped his clients develop and nurture successful sales forces (i.e., deliver results).

When Alliance Performance Systems, in 2003, made a strategic decision to narrow the focus of its consulting services to the pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare sectors, both Huthwaite and Alliance saw an opportunity. Alliance would customize Huthwaite’s intellectual property, including SPIN® and ASE™, for the healthcare industry and would become the lead distributor of these customized programs in the United States and Canada, freeing up Huthwaite and its other distributors to market the programs to other industries and other territories. Huthwaite’s former President and CEO John Golden saw the continuing partnership with Alliance as a strategic move that directly benefitted the customer. “The healthcare industry does have unique challenges when it comes to selling,” Golden noted, “so Alliance’s ability to reach those customers with highly customized solutions adds real value.”

Alliance Performance Systems and Huthwaite renewed their partnership in 2010 and look forward to another decade of working together to provide sales performance solutions that drive results for pharmaceutical, biotech, and healthcare organizations. To learn more about Huthwaite, the creators of SPIN® Selling, visit To learn more about selling solutions tailored to the healthcare industry, contact Alliance Performance Systems at 941-766-0058 or