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Alliance changes the way companies see the healthcare marketplace.

RxVision: Succeeding in the New Healthcare Reality

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies know they must change the way they do business if they want to survive and succeed in a new healthcare reality defined by expiring patents and intense cost pressures. But, how should they change?

Alliance Performance Systems believes these companies need to shift their sales and marketing focus from the product to the customer. Today’s customers don’t want to hear product details; they do want to discover how a product can help them solve a problem. And, sales reps with the savvy and skills to engage customers on a problem-solution level will produce top results. Why does Alliance believe this? Because we’ve been helping some of the most successful firms in the healthcare industry implement this strategy for more than a decade.

The shift from product to customer focus is at the core of our RxVision: Succeeding in the New Healthcare Reality philosophy. RxVision is about changing the way a company and its employees see the market. It involves teaching practical selling skills and strategies that boost short-term returns and reinforcing them with the type of coaching and business acumen that drives organizational change and long-term results.

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