Organizational Fluency

The sales skills we help our clients develop have a swift, positive impact on the sales activities of representatives.

Organizational Fluency

Organizational Fluency is a term Alliance Performance Systems has coined to describe the knowledge necessary to make employees truly fluent in the business drivers of their own companies. At first glance, that definition sounds similar to the definition of business acumen, another of Alliance’s core capabilities. But, organizational fluency focuses less on financial results and ratios and more on the people making the decisions and the impacts of their decisions. Alliance frequently combines our business acumen and organizational fluency solutions to help leading organizations develop the full potential of their employees.

Though organizational fluency sounds like a solution geared to improving the performance of executives and other top-line managers, it is most powerful when focused on improving the performance of customer-facing employees and their direct managers. When these employees understand their organization’s business drivers, they make smarter decisions that allow them to make better decisions and deliver greater ROI.

Alliance is a leader in strategic thought and planning for the healthcare industry. Our thought leadership is derived from decades of work with:

  • Small, medium, and large-sized companies;
  • Start-up and established companies; and,
  • Major, Fortune 500 companies.

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