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At Alliance, we help our partners develop their people, delight their customers, and satisfy their shareholders.

New-Hire Curriculums

The pressures of the new healthcare reality demand that companies get the new-hire training process right the first time. This means the process must be built methodically from the ground up, not thrown together by making tweaks to a standard selling skills solution. The methodical construction will ensure the curriculum is tailored to the current knowledge, attitudes, skills, and experience of the new sales representatives. It will also ensure the curriculum meshes with the culture of the company as well as the goals of the sales organization.

Alliance Performance Systems understands the pressures healthcare organizations face to create solid returns on their investments in human capital. Our innovative, custom-tailored onboarding programs flatten the learning curve and cut training time spent away from the field.


Alliance Performance Systems prides itself on building new-hire curriculums that produce sales representatives with foundations they can use to rapidly develop into top performers. The first new-hire curriculum we ever built, for an up-and-coming biotech, was so innovative and effective it was recognized by the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). While our innovative and effective new-hire training programs are individually customized for each client, they usually focus on developing competency in the following areas:

  • Product/disease state knowledge,
  • Selling skills reinforcement,
  • Competitive selling,
  • Business and industry acumen, and,
  • Customer/account management.

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