Alliance believes skilled coaches are critical drivers of sales training systems.


Coaching is essential to skill development. As sales training research expert and noted author Neil Rackham wrote, “However excellent your classroom training, without good coaching, you’re probably wasting 87 cents out of every skills dollar you spend.” And APS believes this type of reinforcement is even more essential in the new healthcare reality.

As sales and training leaders look to maintain or increase the effectiveness of the training they provide on reduced budgets, they should not overlook the positive impact that can come from increasing the skill and confidence level of their coaches.

Alliance Performance Systems focuses on turning managers into coaches who can identify and support the correction of skill deficiencies. Coaches who can do this are:

  • Respected resources for representatives;
  • Role models for other leaders within an organization; and
  • ROI drivers.

Alliance Performance Systems builds coaching reinforcement into all of our sales training solutions. Our team has decades of experience coaching healthcare sales representatives and their managers. That’s right, we coach the coaches too. Our coaching solutions emphasize:

  • Discovering how coaching can drive results;
  • Developing a solid understanding of the selling skills platform;
  • Understanding what “good” looks like;
  • Being able to identify pivotal skills and evaluate them against a standard; and
  • Providing specific, action-oriented feedback.

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