Business Acumen

Knowing your customer means knowing their business better than they do.

Business Acumen

Business Acumen is a cornerstone of Alliance Performance Systems’ RxVision: Succeeding in the New Healthcare Reality philosophy. Just as you wouldn’t want a surgeon who hasn’t learned anatomy, you wouldn’t want a sales representative who hasn’t learned business and financial acumen. This type of acumen is the foundation of successful selling. Sales representatives with business and financial acumen understand how their customers’ businesses operate, can identify inefficiencies in that operation, and can explain how their product can alleviate some of those inefficiencies.

Alliance Performance Systems understands how to analyze business drivers. Sales reps who understand these drivers:

  • Speak their customers’ language
  • Identify opportunities their customers have yet to see
  • Become resources, not nuisances, to their customers

Alliance Performance Systems experts leverage their more than 200 years of combined experience in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and human and animal health sectors to teach this type of business acumen—the type that drives results—to your sales force. Our engaging programs aren’t about memorizing financial terms. They are about:

  • Thinking like and then thinking better than customers,
  • Utilizing proprietary tools like the Spectrum of Needs™,
  • Expanding analysis beyond the physician to other call points in the office, and
  • Applying business acumen in real-world situations.

Our business acumen capabilities also include organizational fluency solutions ideal for boosting the business savvy of managers across all functions of an organization.

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