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Uncover Hidden Revenues With Skilled Internal Selling

Posted by Debbie Myers on April 11th, 2013

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Why Does Skilled Internal Selling Matter?

While effective internal selling doesn’t directly produce the big flashes of revenues that external selling can, it does increase efficiency and ensure that more external sales
happen—two outcomes that can have a marked impact on your company’s bottom line. By outfitting your sales professionals and managers with the skills they need to effectively propose new solutions for customer needs that your company is not currently meeting, you can help your organization:

  • Capture and mine more revenue generating ideas,
  • Strengthen relationships with current customers, and
  • Generate new business.

What is Skilled Internal Selling?

First, let’s explain what Skilled Internal Selling isn’t. It isn’t inside sales. Skilled Internal Selling is effectively proposing an idea—the use of one of or a combination of your company’s products, services, or other resources—in a new way that will benefit both the customer and your company. The skill is in making sure the idea is proposed effectively, in the language of the executives who have the power to approve it. This means your sales professionals and managers must be able to:

  • Confirm the idea is aligned with your company’s strategic goals,
  • Include the revenue/expense justification for the investment,
  • Detail the broader competitive impact of the solution,
  • Provide a strategic profile of the account,
  • Utilize credible benchmarks and estimates,
  • Address the concerns of all business functions that will be involved, from marketing to legal,
  • Understand the criteria decision makers will use to evaluate the proposal, and
  • Identify appropriate stakeholders to build cross-functional support for the idea.

Who Benefits From Skilled Internal Selling?

While you, your company, and your customer all benefit from streamlining and standardizing your internal selling process, the one-day Skilled Internal Selling training solution itself is targeted to sales professionals and managers at or near the customer level. These are the individuals in the best position to identify unmet customer needs and formulate solutions to meet those needs. This program provides them the guidance they need to get those ideas proposed and approved.

What are the Results of Skilled Internal Selling?

A growing startup in an innovative healthcare marketplace implemented Skilled Internal Selling after recognizing that many good ideas were hidden behind bad proposals and that turning bad proposals into reviewable proposals utilized too many resources. The program helped the company take advantage of more revenue-generating opportunities. Today, the company is a leader in the marketplace and is known for having a sales force of strategic thinkers.

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Uncover Hidden Revenues With Skilled Internal Selling