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Using Economic Leverage to Successfully Negotiate a Price Increase

Posted by Debbie Myers on May 17th, 2012

Download the Negotiation Case StudyThe Issue: Negotiators Often Move Too Quickly to Leave Money on the Table

The pressure of negotiating large, complex sales often drives sales professionals to make mistakes that shrink margins. Though they have received negotiation training—usually based on Harvard Negotiation Project principles—and have developed a strategic plan, these sellers still give in on price or terms too frequently during a negotiation. Why? Because they have not learned how to use economic leverage to achieve a win-win negotiation.

The Solution: Inside Edge Negotiation 

Alliance Performance Systems’ work with Fortune 500 companies has revealed that sales professionals who base their negotiation strategies on what we call economically leverageable positions (ELPs) are more likely to protect profit margin. We’ve joined forces with Inside Edge, Inc. to develop a negotiation-training program designed to provide guided, strategic practice that emphasizes identifying ELPs for real-world customers. This powerful program is called “Inside Edge Negotiation.”

To learn more about Inside Edge Negotiation, read our latest case study: “Using Economic Leverage to Successfully Negotiate a Price Increase.”

Download the case study