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Six Signs It’s Time to Reengineer Your New Hire Curriculum

Posted by Debbie Myers on November 11th, 2011

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology firms spend millions of dollars each year onboarding new sales representatives. While the dedicated dollars suggest these companies recognize the importance of providing their newest reps with the knowledge and skills to succeed, the lack of planned, comprehensive reviews of their new-hire training programs suggests otherwise. These programs, which provide the critical foundations and phased development that ensure new hires become successful sellers, demand regular review and also regular refreshing and reengineering.

But, how does a pharmaceutical or biotechnology sales organization know it’s the right time to reengineer its new-hire curriculum? The specific answer to that question depends on the unique situation of the individual organization. However, some general indicators should raise a red flag for companies trying to gauge the health of their new-hire curriculums.

Alliance Performance Systems surveyed its team of industry experts to pinpoint the six signs it’s time to reengineer your new-hire curriculum.

Read Alliance Performance Systems’ latest article, “Six Signs It’s Time to Reengineer Your New-Hire Curriculum” to learn if your new-hire curriculum needs to be reengineered in order to more rapidly prepare your sales force to make successful sales.