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Our Top 5 Most-Read Articles from 2012

Posted by Debbie Myers on January 8th, 2013

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In case you missed them, here are our most-read articles of 2012

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1.  Using Business Acumen to Secure Competitive Advantage

Don’t allow your account managers to miss critical opportunities to align your organization’s solutions to the problems your customers really want to solve!

Help your sales professionals develop a big-picture understanding of their customer’s business with GearWorks™, a comprehensive solution for training critical business acumen, organizational fluency, and financial literacy skills built on research-based best practices.

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2.  Using Economic Leverage to Successfully Negotiate a Price Increase

The pressure of negotiating large, complex sales often drives sales professionals to make mistakes that shrink margins. Alliance Performance Systems’ work with Fortune 500 biopharma businesses proves that sales professionals who base their negotiation strategies on what we call ‘Economically Leverageable Positions’ (ELPs) are more likely to protect profit margin.

Learn about Inside Edge Negotiations, a powerful negotiation skills training program designed to provide guided, strategic practice that emphasizes identifying ELPs for real-world customers.

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3.  Training that Doesn’t Break the Bank

While pharmaceutical and biotechnology sales and training budgets are shrinking, the sales force’s need for application-based training is growing. Leaders who want to meet this need without breaking the bank can put a new emphasis on an old-school solution—-the strategic video/teleconference.

Find out our five keys to making video/teleconferences relevant, efficient, and cost-effective training solutions.

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4.  Don’t Settle or Meddle: Best Practices for Collaborating with E-Learning Vendors

Your organization is spending tens of thousands of dollars for every hour of eLearning your vendor produces. At those prices, why aren’t the results more impressive? Part of the answer may be that your vendor isn’t actually able to deliver what they promised in the RFP process, but it may also involve some behavior change on your stakeholders’ part.

Discover the best practices we’ve found for getting more from your eLearning solution provider, better collaboration, and more impressive results.

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5.  Employees Who Really Know Your Business Are Your Most Valuable Resource

According to a recent Gallup poll, only one-third of healthcare industry workers know their company’s mission. And even fewer understand how their company operates. This statistic often includes sales professionals who call on some of your most important accounts.

Discover a series of solutions developed by Alliance Performance Systems designed to ensure that every member of your organization, and sales professionals in particular, are fluent in the language of your business.

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