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From ’Scripts to Solutions: Developing The Business-Savvy Sales Rep

Posted by Debbie Myers on October 25th, 2010

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Executive Summary

Companies operating in the healthcare industry today face huge challenges in enabling their sales representatives to sell successfully. Many ask, “How can we equip our salespeople to sell in such an increasingly difficult  environment?” In this paper, we answer, “You must focus on building business-savvy sales reps.”

Physicians and healthcare professionals welcome these business-savvy reps because they are experts who understand a medical practice’s needs, help the practice identify its problems, and make valuable connections between those problems and solutions. Business-savvy sales reps are resources to customers, not peddlers of products.

Building business-savvy reps begins with helping them understand their client’s spectrum of needs. The spectrum, developed by Alliance Performance Systems after more than a decade of in-depth field research, includes the five major needs that affect every business decision made in a medical practice: personal needs, patient needs, clinical needs, operational needs, and financial needs. Few of a medical practice’s stakeholders have the business acumen to identify the needs that make up the spectrum and recognize how those needs interact to impact a practice. So, expert reps can use their own understanding of the spectrum of needs to lead these stakeholders to insights about the business that is the practice in every conversation.

Once sales reps acquire this core business savvy, they must combine it with foundational sales skills and consistently hone it with the help of coaching and other development strategies. This combination will allow sales reps to develop and utilize the type of advanced selling skills that successfully generate revenue.

To effectively and efficiently develop business acumen in your healthcare sales force, you need the right partner. This partner must have a proven record in sales performance, must be a specialist in the healthcare marketplace, must know the spectrum of needs, and must understand that business acumen is about helping customers connect the dots from needs to solutions. Alliance Performance Systems is this partner. We have the expertise to customize a comprehensive solution that will ensure the transformation to the business-savvy rep makes sense, sticks, and works to improve your ability to truly differentiate your organization in the healthcare marketplace.

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