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Employees Who Really Know Your Business are Your Most Valuable Resource

Posted by Debbie Myers on September 25th, 2012

Organizational Fluency article The Issue: According to Gallup, only a third of healthcare industry workers know their company’s mission. And even fewer understand how their company operates. 

Employees who lack this critical business knowledge are frequently sales professionals. They rarely receive the training they need to understand their organization’s business drivers. As a result, they become underutilized resources.

The Solution: Alliance Performance Systems has developed a series of solutions designed to ensure employees at all levels, but particularly sales professionals, are fluent in how their company operates.

Sales professionals who gain this “Organizational Fluency” do much more than meet their job descriptions. They exceed expectations by:

  •  Becoming effective mission and brand ambassadors,
  •  Evaluating alternatives to make better decisions, and
  •  Ensuring the culture of the business matches its strategy.

In short, employees who gain organizational fluency deliver maximum ROI.

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Employees Who Really Know Your Business Are Your Most Valuable Resource.

Organizational fluency article