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Coaching for Success: New Sales Managers, Same Old Skills?

Posted by Debbie Myers on November 11th, 2011

Making the case for a comprehensive sales coaching training platform.

Promoted to District Manager Because They Could Sell, are these Top-Performing Reps Equipped to Lead?

The District Manager (DM) plays a pivotal role in any major account sales organization, and reps recently promoted to the position find themselves with some pretty big shoes to fill. Linking the reps in the field with top leadership, and serving to translate high-level strategy into detailed tactical account plans, newly-minted DMs find themselves with a myriad of new responsibilities when that promotion comes. But being a great salesperson and being a great manager and coach are two very different qualities—requiring a distinctly specialized set of skills.

Coaching is Key

Of all of the skill sets that a new DM needs in order to be successful in their pivotal role, the one that has the greatest positive impact on sales results is also the one that is most misunderstood among salespeople: coaching.

Our market research and decades of experience training sales mangers teaches us something more about coaching: it is a distinct skill set from selling, one that can be learned through training. But ask 10 sales training managers what good coaching looks like and you’ll likely get 10 different answers.

Read Alliance Performance Systems’ latest article, “Coaching for Success: New Sales Managers, Same Old Skills?” to learn more about the pivotal skill sets required for effective DMs and the key characteristics of the most effective coaching sessions.