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Business Acumen: GearWorks™

Posted by Debbie Myers on April 3rd, 2012

The Challenge for National Accounts Managers

While typical biopharma account managers are experts at identifying customer needs from a clinical perspective, they are less skilled at identifying customer needs from financial and organizational perspectives. As a result, they miss critical opportunities to align your organization’s solutions to the problems your customers really want to solve. These missed opportunities translate into lost revenue.

The Solution from Alliance Performance Systems: GearWorks™

To capture this revenue, organizations must help national account managers develop a big picture understanding of their customer’s business. And the training provided must be more than a humdrum introduction to financial concepts. Sales professionals need a comprehensive business acumen, organizational fluency, and financial literacy development solution that is built on research-based best practices and that also engages them in hands-on, active learning. This solution is GearWorks™.

Read “Using Business Acumen to Secure Competitive Advantage: How GearWorks™ Can Drive Sales at the National Accounts Level” to learn how Alliance Performance Systems can help your sales professionals secure competitive advantage by leveraging all opportunities within an account.