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Best Articles of 2013

Posted by Debbie Myers on December 13th, 2013

Best of 2013 imageIn case you missed them, here are our most-read articles of 2013:

Corporate Training On The Go: iBooks

In the first of this multi-part series on educating with mobile technology, we will discuss the pros and cons of developing an iBook. No matter how much corporations resist changing their tried-and-true methods for educating sales professionals, the infiltration of mobile devices is forcing them to look beyond traditional classroom or computer-based training sessions to training… Read more

Using Economic Leverage to Successfully Negotiate a Price Increase

While effective internal selling doesn’t directly produce the big flashes of revenues that external selling can, it does increase efficiency and ensure that more external sales happen-two outcomes that can have a marked impact on your company’s bottom line. Read more

6 Strategic Behaviors of Best-in-Class Sales Professionals

Decades of research from our work with top innovative global biopharmas reveals best-in-class sales professionals do certain things very effectively… …we call these “strategic behaviors,” and our research shows these behaviors are the most valuable differentiators of top-performing reps. There are actually more than a dozen strategic behaviors, but our researchers have identified the six that, if… Read more